The Catalyst Care Group 2024 Survey  

Share Your Voice in Shaping the Future of Health and Social Care!

The Catalyst Care Group 2024 Survey is an opportunity for every member of our community, such as health professionals, social workers, care recipients, and families, to share their experiences and perspectives that bring tremendous value to us while we are working towards transforming the health and care sector in the UK.

Your voice matters and is crucial for helping us reshape the sector by hearing your challenges and uncovering all opportunities for innovation and improvement.

By hearing your feedback, you lay the foundation for honest and open discussions about humanised care, close collaboration and delivering care through compassion and empathy. By participating in this survey, you will bring immense value towards our shared goal of transforming care, but you can also help us learn about your experiences as health and care professionals, service users, family members and more.


This comprehensive survey aims to gather crucial information about people’s experiences within the health and care sector and help us understand all of the challenges as well as the opportunities for growth and change.

The Catalyst Care Group Survey 2024 will be open for participation from June 13 to July 13, 2024, and will be used to:

  • Share information and knowledge across the sector quicker
  • Provide valuable information for all the requirements about meeting the needs of care recipients and understanding people’s experiences
  • Learn all of the challenges in the health and social care sector
  • Understand what caregivers need
  • Enhance collaboration between team members and colleagues to achieve positive impact and change
  • Gather data about the percentage of delayed holiday discharges


By completing this survey, you actively play a role in transforming the health and social care sector. With your expertise, commitment and knowledge, you can significantly influence all of the initiatives and policy efforts that we want to achieve.

Your feedback can help us enhance and improve our services to meet the evolving needs of the people and families we support but also to take into consideration all of the healthcare professionals and clinicians. We are an organisation that is dedicated to shift perspectives and improve the way care is provided which is why your input can guide us into creating new solutions that will bring bigger, better impacts.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion through this survey. Remember that only together we can change health and social care for the better.

Thank you for your immense support.

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Share Your Voice in Shaping the Future of Health and Social Care! Take The Survey Here! The Catalyst Care Group...