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With offices in Manchester and Bristol, our team is now closer to you and available at all times. We provide services for adults and children with complex care needs in Bristol, Exeter, Slough, Somerset, and the Midlands. Contact us for more information.

We currently have offices in  Manchester and Bristol and are expanding to other locations as needed. We are a fast-growing team that provides support for people with complex care needs, including:

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Our goal is to provide your loved one with the best care tailored to the individual’s needs. We match our clients with locally based clinicians who know the area at hand. We want our clients to become part of the community and have a social life.

The care, support, and treatment we provide at Unique Community Services always focus on maintaining independence and community engagement. We provide support by prioritising the client’s mental and emotional health and well-being through improving their physical health and establishing stronger social bonds.

Let us take care of your loved one, nurture a positive environment, and make daily efforts to raise their standard of living.