Our Values and Culture

Driven by our core values of Family, Impact, and Teaming, we emphasise the role of our clinicians in delivering the proper care for the people we support.
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We work as one big Family, and our daily mission is to make an Impact in people’s lives by Teaming up and helping each other deliver the best outcome for the people we support. Our core values motivate us to provide the best care that our service users need.

As a culture-rich company, we understand how important it is that everyone who works with us feels welcomed. The connection we create, and share makes us united in our mission and goals, knowing that we can only make an impact in people’s lives and create change when we are a team.

As our company evolves, we understand that we must provide an exceptional work environment for our clinicians so they can shift their focus on delivering the best care for our clients.

Unique Community Services’ culture revolves around our core values, and we encourage everyone who works with us to align with those values.

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