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These are the impact stories of our clients.

We are searching for people focused on helping others and people that want to make a change for the better in the healthcare sector.


William is young autistic man who loves spending time outdoors and playing word games with his support workers. With the right support, William reduced his behaviours of concern, increased his independence, and started living life on his own terms.


Angel, a young man living with Down syndrome, a heart condition, and epilepsy, has embarked on a journey towards improved well-being.


How our support workers went above and beyond in providing person-centred care and supported William on his family holiday.
case study dominic


Dominic – Dominic was diagnosed with Autism. He lived in his family home with his loving family until he was 18. When he turned 18, he started experiencing behaviours that challenged.


Elijah was born in 2006 with Apert Syndrome and was a happy, healthy, active baby. Apert Syndrome affects how the bones in our bodies grow and develop and may cause differences.


William – William is a non-verbal, autistic individual with learning difficulties. When Unique Community Services started supporting William, the team learned all of his favourite activities so that they can focus on building a strong relationship.

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See what our employees have to say about their experience working with us


See what our employees have to say about their experience working with us

We believe that each person we support is unique and that our purpose is to share our caring nature as a source of understanding to those around us.