Why choose us

We provide integrated support and humanised care as we learn, grow, and impact together. As neurodiversity advocates, we push boundaries and help people become full citizens.
Tailored Care & Support at Your Home 24/7
Caring and Supportive Clinicians
Encouraging Fulfilled Living

Our clinicians are trusted experts in the field of care and support. They imprint love and devotion in helping our clients live enriched lives. They are the heroes of our story.

Their dedicated work makes all challenges manageable.

Their loving efforts and the naturally shared empathy with our service users make people reach out to us as they see how much we prioritise care and humanised work. It is precisely for this reason that our service users feel safe and trustworthy under the care of our clinicians.

We train all our clinicians in Positive Behaviour Support Theory and Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression to ensure we provide the highest standard of care.

We support our clinicians, and we value their uplifting work. We are nurse-led, and our goal is to support you to lead fulfilled lives.

Our training positively increases competence and self-confidence while enabling career progression. The thrilling part is that the training is entirely free.

Why choose Unique Community Services for your complex care needs?

We are nurse-led, and providing high-quality care is our priority. We strive diligently to perfect it continually. Our clinicians are led by trusted and experienced nurses who are experts in managing a wide range of complex care conditions.

We deliver tailored support, and our bond with our service users and their support network is essential to agree on an affordable support plan.

As our client’s needs vary, so must our ability to support them in receiving the proper care.

Our trained clinicians can help with any circumstance at any time. That involves transferring from a hospital or other clinical setting to your home, receiving domiciliary care, and receiving longer-term care and support.

We believe our calling is to make a difference in people’s lives.

You can find our offices in Bristol and Manchester, while the areas we cover are extensive. We provide our services within a radius of 50 miles from our offices.


Our Impact Stories speak about our company's credibility and success.


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