Complex Care

Individuals with complex medical needs can receive comprehensive and personalised services. Our carers support people in navigating their health challenges and offer the best care possible. This includes creating tailored care plans and offering 24/7 support. Get the care you need today!

What is Complex Care?

Complex care is person-centred, specialised support to improve the health and well-being of individuals with chronic or long-term medical conditions and special needs. This type of care requires additional support to manage their symptoms and day-to-day activities, maintaining a high standard of living.

Any illness requiring clinical support, such as Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injuries, or brain disorders, can be included in the category of complex care. It usually entails medical intervention and involvement with a team of nurses and clinicians who are experts in that person’s specific condition. The care that nurses entail can also be provided based on the client’s underlying medical conditions.

The carer must be specialised in various complex care practices that can be studied and taught in specialist training programs. Carers should be aware that in addition to complex care, clients should always be allowed to lead fulfilling lives and gain independence.

Who Needs Complex Care?

Complex care is helpful to people who deal with a long-term chronic, advancing clinical condition or injury. We ensure that you are given the proper care and support to enable you to live well with your condition while being surrounded by the comforts of your own home, under the guidance of our team of clinicians with years of medical education, knowledge and experience. We develop and deliver bespoke complex care packages for our clients in need.

We provide support for individuals aged 0-65+ with a range of complex healthcare needs and ongoing conditions such as autism, epilepsy, challenging behaviour, mental health, acquired brain injuries, physical disability and many more.

Complex Care for Children

A complex care plan is needed when your child needs much additional support daily due to disease, disability, or sensory impairment diagnosis. A child may have complex needs right after delivery, during an illness, or after an injury. We deliver services for sensory impairment, acquired brain injuries, physical disability, learning disabilities, mental health and many more.

We are nurse-led and support children and their health in their homes and communities with the best-specialised quality care and treatment. We understand how essential it is to search for your child to get the proper care and support they need. We ensure that our expertly trained and compassionate clinicians and their unique skills will bring peace to your child’s future. We assist in everyday activities involving playing football, shopping, playing video games and many other indoor and outdoor activities tailored to their favourite hobbies and activities.

For more details on our complex care and support services, please get in touch with us on the webpage. Also, contact our Bristol and Manchester office numbers or address that links you to our staff. Our care team is just one phone call away, and our professionals will help you with all the necessary information.

Care for Older People With Complex Needs

We are aware that every person’s care needs are unique, whether they have recently left the hospital and require assistance for long-term care to help them get back on their feet or have a chronic condition that prevents them from living a more independent life. We provide many forms of support, such as personal care, domiciliary care, meal preparation, social support, treatment of a disorder, medication management, nursing care, live-in care, end-of-life care and many more that you can find more detailed in Our services category.

Our professional care teams of carers are 24 hours a day available for our clients. Every condition has unique care and support plan, and we tailor our bespoke packages to fit the needs of our clients and improve their health.

The essential part of our carers’ job is their passionate and dedicated work to create a more positive impact on our clients’ environment. Their kind and diligent approach and assessment help older people with complex care needs become more engaged in the social community and lead enriched lives. From visiting their family to having a walk in the neighbourhood, preparing their meal, and clearing their environment, our carers are the heroes in Unique Community Services for doing it with so much love and patience.

Our Complex Care and Support Services

Unique Community Services is a people-led company whose primary goal is to have happy clinicians and satisfied clients. We are one of the best providers of complex care and support in England. The complex care we deliver is flexible, meeting the client’s individual needs. The healthcare and well-being of every client are our priority. The wide range of services we offer by our carers is CQC regulated and is the very best in the healthcare sector, and our service users are the finest proof. Our care team are professionals in their work and are full-time available for the complex needs of our clients. Their 24-hour support entails many services that you can search for here.

As a culture-rich community and your local provider of choice, we aim to transform care for the better. Our complex care and support packages are always tailored to meet the individual needs of the person. They could be from 24-hour, 7 days of week care to shorter interim packages. Our experienced nurses and carers are recruited from the local community to use their knowledge of the area and social care to enable individuals to lead active and fulfilled lives.

We support people moving back home after a stay in a hospital, so the needed support is provided in your home and a whole life span for care. It is essential for people with complex care needs to feel comfortable while being taken care of by their carer. Our specialists have the proper education and training to deliver complex care support to our service users. We provide support for autism, epilepsy, visual impairment, speech impairment, learning disabilities, challenging behaviour, dementia, mental health, alcohol and drugs abuse, end-of-life care etcWe also have our Rapid Response Services, ready to assist and support 24/7 every day of the year, the time of day and nightand guarantee an initial crisis assessment within 4 hours of your call.

For further details, contact us through the forms we have for you to fill out, or get in touch with us so we can enable the proper complex care needs and assessment.

Types of Complex Care

Whether you need long-term or short-term support, as you recover from a condition or surgery, your care needs can change and evolve, and so do the care and assistance we provide.

Here are some of the types of complex care we offer and enable for our clients:

  • Neurological conditions

Various conditions, diseases, and disorders that affect the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles are categorised as neurological disorders. Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and migraines are well-known diseases.

Different various disorders are the root causes of neurological diseases. It could be congenital, such as cerebral palsy, genetic like Huntington’s disease, degenerative (motor neuron disease), infectious (meningitis) and neoplastic, for example, brain tumours.

  • Mental Health Issues

According to clinical studies currently, in England, the most common mental health conditions are Mixed anxiety and depression, Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Depression, Phobias, Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and Panic disorder.

  • Learning Difficulties

Learning difficulties currently affect about 4 million kids and young people, and many cope with multiple personal challenges. Neurological challenges such as learning difficulties impact how the brain receives, processes, stores, and interprets information. A learning disability is typically recognised and diagnosed while a person is enrolled in school because it usually affects the development of reading, writing, spelling and math capabilities.

  • Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities affect a person’s ability to understand, speak, do mathematical operations, coordinate movements, or maintain concentration. Although they can develop in a group of very young infants, learning problems are typically not identified until the child is in school.

  • Acquired Brain injury

Any brain injury that develops after birth is called an acquired brain injury (ABI). It can be damage from a head injury, illness, lack of oxygen, alcohol or drugs, infection, physical injury, or a stroke.

  • Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord injury, which causes damage to the nerves or the spinal cord, often causes long-term changes to the strength, sensation, and other body functions below the injury site. Loss of movement, difficulty breathing, coughing up secretions from the lungs, loss of or altered feeling, the ability to feel cold and heat, and the sense to touch, among other symptoms, are all potential consequences of this type of injury.

How Does Complex Care Work?

Our care and support are developed according to the person’s complex care needs. Individual care, support with everyday activities, and medication management are just a few of the necessary specialised care tailored and delivered toward helping people at home.

Support plans also provide the carer with specific information and guidelines, ensuring that they deliver care properly as agreed upon with the person at their initial assessment. The care manager for the person may modify the support plan at any point, and it is under review. Our specialist carers will help in the support plans and work closely with the care manager conducting the first assessment to ensure all areas address the client’s clinical care needs.

Working closely with the people we support and their family is vital for creating the most fitting complex care plan. As a person-centred company, it is essential for us to comprehend your needs to reflect the requirements necessary for your loved one to lead a fulfiled life. Our job is to transform healthcare for the better and enable high-quality assistance with the best care team of carers and nurses.

Benefits of Complex Care

Unique Community Services, as your top provider of choice, prioritise the needs of our clients. We care about your health and well-being; our carers never cancel on a shift and are available 24/7. It’s only one of the number benefits of our dedicated professional work.

The benefits of working with us:

  • Verbal assurance to increase the individual’s self-confidence
  • Personal care – personal hygiene is something we ensure every person receives to maintain their care properly by the chosen carer.
  • Medication management – ordering proper medication and administering it to improve patient care
  • Booking and managing health and medical appointments
  • Support in everyday life activities, which include preparing food for cooking, cleaning up after cooking, cleaning the environment they live in, and other activities
  • Assuring their inclusion and facilitating access to the local community and amenities
  • Putting PBS and support health plans in place if needed
  • Encouraging and supporting individuals to have work experiences depending on their capability
  • Support with shopping and running errands
  • Enabling individuals in their regional area to engage in outdoor activities

Learn More About Our Complex Care Packages

We develop and deliver flexible complex care packages for our clients in need and actively design health care packages. Before delivering the needed care and support plan, we discuss everything with the clients.

Get in touch with us now to talk with a customer care team member to arrange complex care for a loved one. They will discuss your health and care needs and schedule a meeting with the local care manager and our carers.

How Do We Tailor Our Complex Care Packages at Unique Community Services?

The complex care team ensures that the ongoing care and support are adequately delivered, including all the details related to an individual’s health care needs, so we can create the finest support plan. Moreover, our professionals assess your lifestyle and social activities as part of your social care. They can help you with your favourite hobbies and join you when visiting your friends and family. Our clinicians adapt to the individual needs of our clients and deeply respect their lifestyle. That is why we make extra efforts for social engagement in the community, where individuals can gain more independence and lead an enriched life.

The first thing we do is arrange a meeting with the family to discuss the complex care needs of the person’s physical or mental challenges. We listen actively and compassionately to ensure that all aspects of the client’s requirements and needs are involved in his daily activities. Families can openly consult with our clinicians and further tailor our service. Together, they can develop solutions that are best for our clients and let them choose the clinicians they feel will provide them with the most peace of mind. We also offer a trial period to see if the carer and the client are compatible and how their communication and bond evolve. One of our primary practices is to do follow-ups and checks on your health to improve the service. Any recommendations and suggestions are welcomed since everything we agree on will be delivered in the service.

At Unique Community Services, we take on complex care cases that other service providers do not take on. We do our best to encourage people with complex needs to lead more independent lives while caring for everything necessary to promote the most wholesome health journey.

Get in touch with our Bristol or Manchester office number now if you are considering complex care for a loved one so we can design and implement the best complex care plan for you.

Helpful Information

Complex care is specialised support to improve the health and well-being of individuals with chronic or long-term medical conditions and special needs in their homes with the help of a team of high-skilled trained clinicians maintaining a fulfilled living. Complex care is helpful for people with autism, epilepsy, challenging behaviour, mental health, acquired brain injuries, physical disability and many more conditionsWe make complex care plans and packages for children, young people and older people (aged 0-65+). We tailor our bespoke packages to fit the needs of our clients. The excellent news is that our carers never cancel on a shift and can assist 24/7. It’s only one of the many benefits of our humanised professional work for your health. We deliver the finest complex care and support with 24/7 availability, Rapid Response Services with a guarantee of an initial crisis assessment within 4 hours of your reach.

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