24-Hour Care at Home

24-hour care, or live-in care, entails all-encompassing round-the-clock support to people with complex care needs in the comfort of their homes. Our live-in care provides bespoke support packages tailored to the needs of the individual and their family. 24-hour care at home delivers person-centred support to promote people's self-reliance and active engagement in the community. We provide a unique integrity of personalised care with a humanised touch, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

24-Hour Support From Our Clinicians

Our team of highly trained clinicians provides a unique and personalised approach in stages, ensuring patients’ needs are met following the highest quality standards. By embracing the person-centred strategy, our clinicians are able to identify what makes each person unique and put them at the centre of everything they do.

Unique Community Services provides 24-hour support and transforming care to people aged 0-65+ years. We cover your mornings, evenings and nights to meet all your needs and preferences. Our clinicians and support workers design a step-by-step guide on how to care for your unique needs.

Our 24-hour care at home is based on a sustainable care plan customised to the individual’s needs. Naturally, live-in care demands a constant adaptation to the individual’s care plan as the person’s needs constantly change. We ensure the care plan is constantly updated and adjusted to the person’s needs and desires. If health needs change, the care plan will be altered and customised to the same quality and standard.

We have our internal multidisciplinary teams (MDT) to assess and coordinate the home care services to address the exigencies of people with complex care needs. All our practices are in line with ICB and life provision.

At Unique Community Services, we provide multifaceted 24-hour care at home, customised to your personal needs and preferences, including:

  • Personal care – aiding with daily personal hygiene and offering support to learn and obtain personal hygiene skills
  • Medication management – ordering and administering proper medication
  • Providing support in everyday life activities – including preparing food and cooking
  • Cleaning up after cooking, cleaning the environment they live in
  • Management of behaviours that challenge – using proactive approaches
  • Inclusion – assuring inclusion and facilitating access to the local community and local amenities
  • Enabling individuals to engage in outdoor activities in their local area
  • Encouraging and supporting individuals to have work experiences depending on their capability
  • Booking and managing health appointments
  • Ensuring that well-structured daily routines are in place
  • Implementing Positive Behaviour Support plans
  • Verbal assurance to increase the individual’s self-confidence
  • Providing support for better finance management
  • Supporting individuals with shopping and running errands
  • Supporting individuals in their correspondence when required
  • Waking night emergency

What Does 24-Hour Support Entail From Unique Community Services Clinicians?

The 24-hour support provided by Unique Community Services entails comprehensive care beyond basic needs. Our goal is to promote a person’s self-reliance and general well-being using a strengths-based approach in our round-the-clock care. We believe everyone has skills and abilities that can add value to the community.

Our team designs unique care plans that focus on the individual’s preferences, embracing all aspects of their life.

Personal Care

Our clinicians are dedicated to implementing personal hygiene habits in the most positive way. We assist our people with basic personal needs such as washing, showering, toileting and grooming. We use our assistance as a pathway towards people’s independence and self-reliance.

Booking and Managing Health Appointments

UCS clinicians and support workers are trained to keep records of people’s well-being on a daily basis, including booking and managing health appointments, medication administration, taking prescriptions from physicians, and regularly cooperating with the healthcare team.

Our support staff is responsible for collecting shopping, running errands, preparing meals, doing household tasks, and any other activity assistance. We are committed to assisting with every activity that will make you feel comfortable and safe at your home and in the community.

Support to Promote Independence

24-hour home care of UCS focuses on helping people become more self-standing and do things independently as much as possible. We support your loved ones to access what they want in the most self-reliant way. Our clinicians use active support to help people engage in various activities and hobbies to develop skills, confidence, friends and relationships.

Teaching Life Skills

The overall goal of supporting people with complex care needs is to build life skills to promote independence in all possible areas of their life. We respect every individual’s boundaries, caring about their unique needs and preferences.

Our strengths-based approach empowers individuals to use their abilities and talents to develop self-reliance and a sense of accomplishment. The result is successful and meaningful integration into the community.

We help people learn how to make their favourite food, clean their room, and do activities in the yard. The life skills teaching technique is based on breaking the tasks into smaller, simpler steps to make them easier to achieve.

Implementing PBS

Our Pro Act Skip methodology is based on PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) strategies and plans tailored to the needs of an individual. Our clinicians are highly trained to implement a PBS plan that is in a paceline with a person’s needs and interests.

The PBS team designs a whole new plan or adapts the plan the person came to us with to the most up-to-date strategies. We use the time intensity model and a legal framework for using reactive management. 

Our goal is to hold the individual safely in the community.

Our PBS strategy is entirely based on the seven keys to citizenship, and we build humanised relationships with individuals in need. UCS support workers treat people as a family by humanising the experience. The result is an all-encompassing impact on the person and their family.

Waking Night Emergency

Our clinicians work two shifts in 24 hours. They are here to prevent any risk of an accident, depending on the person’s condition. We are available in any emergency in the middle of the night, 365 days a year. Our clinicians never miss a shift.

Social Care and Inclusion in the Community

The humanised care provided by our support workers promotes awareness about social inclusion by encouraging people to find their place and meaning in society and add value to the community. We strive to identify the hobbies and activities that can make people happy and engage in community events and outdoor activities.

Finance Management

UCS 24-hour support entails an environment that respects a person’s right to manage their finances. However, some people need support in handling their financial assets. In this case, our team of professionals builds an individual money management program in accordance with the person’s family or caregiver.

Managing Behaviours that Challenge

We use proactive strategies, preventing all the possible triggers of an emotional journey. Our approach is first to build a relationship with the individual and gain trust. Behaviour that challenges is related to a desire for social attention or drive stimulation.

We use the ABC model to address the emotional discharge of the individual, focusing on identifying and preventing the triggers before going into crisis. We engage in a number of different activities that result in a reduction in behaviour that challenges.

Supporting Individuals to have Work Experience

Our team of skilled support workers constantly focuses on developing people’s skills and talents to help them engage in volunteering activities or find employment. We ensure that the people we support have meaning and direction in their lives.

Benefits of 24-Hour Home Care

24-hour home care has its advantages and helps people with complex care needs live and thrive independently in the comfort of their homes. The multi-component approach allows you to enjoy engaging in daily life activities in addition to professional medical support. Having a 24-hour home carer means you have constant and consistent health support, emotional care and a fair companion who will be there for you any minute, hour, or day.

How Unique Community Services is Leading the Way in Transforming Care for the Better

Unique Community Services provides a unique approach to transforming care, compassion and acceptance of people with additional needs. Our selective choice of support staff results in a higher calibre of clinicians and social workers who provide all-embracing 24-hour support to people with complex care needs.

Our goal is to transform the care system and how people are supported. We believe in care in the community, stability and sustainability where our clinicians work. We thrive on pushing boundaries and making people full citizens and fair members of the community.

We are focused on consistency and continuity, balancing the skills of our workforce. Our company culture revolves around Family, Impact and Teaming. We are powered by our people, our employees and the people we support. Together, we can make a difference. Great success starts with small steps.

We are proud to be recognised as the Great Place To Work® and Best Workplace for Well-being.

Unique Community Services supports people with complex care needs and chronic health conditions. UCS provides services in Bristol, Exeter, Slough, Somerset, and the Midlands.

Contact us to find Unique 24/7 care at home for you or your loved one.

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