These are the impact stories of our clinicians.

Witness the unwavering support of our dedicated clinicians and see humanised support can transform people’s lives. Here, we share the person-centred narratives that showcase the incredible job our clinicians do through our documentaries and impact stories.

Support Worker


Isaac’s continuous commitment to deliver the person-centred, tailored, complex care is a testament to a support worker’s profound impact on an individual’s life

Support Worker


Paula has been doing her dream job for 25 years filled with empathy, strength and beauty made possible through simple gestures for the people she supports.

Support Worker

Joy Iyabo Ozigagun

Joy enjoys supporting people with their preferred social and physical activities to meet their daily living.

Support Worker

Edoghogho Onaifo

Edoghogho says that Unique Community Services provides a robust set of free training so you can expand your professional knowledge.

Support Worker

Hope Okeke

She says Unique is an exceptional company that functions as a very big family. At Unique, we all help each other and take care of each other.

Support Worker

Olubukola Bode-Kehind

Olubukola helps take care of vulnerable people within their homes. He does many different things during so that people can be healthier and happier.

We believe that each person we support is unique and that our purpose is to share our caring nature as a source of understanding to those around us.

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